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Workshops, offerings, projects

I run a variety of different sorts of community workshops in addition to formal academic teaching at Cornell University and at the Community College of Vermont.

In 2015 and 2016, I’ve worked with the New England Resilience and Transition Network and with JP New Economy Transition to develop and offer introductory workshops in dismantling oppression at regional gatherings of that community. I’ve also been working with congregations and community groups in southern Vermont to develop trainings around the kinds of anti-racist work that are necessary in predominantly (but not entirely) white communities more specifically.

For its first three years, I was a core organizer for the wonderful annual Epic Skill Swap, a “participatory weekend festival where you can learn new skills, share the skills you have, and spend a couple days with an amazing group of people.” Like the organizers of the still-strong ESS, I believe that sharing skills and knowledge in informal community settings, not being bound by ideas that only “experts” can teach, has the capacity to build lasting connections, stronger communities, and maybe just possibly, the more just world that we want to see. Currently I am co-organizing a local community skillshare in southern Vermont, taking place quarterly around Equinoxes and Solstices, each skillshare offering one spectacular day of community learning. At this and other skillshares, I’ve led workshops in basic herbal medicine making, restorative justice, whole-heart wellness, mentoring, and more.

I also design curriculum for and lead programs with the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice. I *love* creating open access curricula like that which CSJ developed to support participants’ learning journeys, available for free on the web. There are bits and pieces of my work scattered throughout the Study Guide they put together, along with the amazing work of many other activists, leaders and scholars–like the Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, the Rev. Kathleen McTigue, Laura Lubin, Kye Flannery, Evan Seitz, Sam Wilson, Joshua Kahn Russell, and so many more!

I am happy to work with you and your community group to develop workshops around a variety of topics. From dismantling oppression and white anti-racism work to community health workshops; from herbal wellness to writing fiction and poetry to  how-to-organize community workshops, I’m open to listening to what your group is looking for and helping fill the need.